10 Amazing Photo booth Ideas That Everyone Will Love!

1. Polaraid Guest book

Encourage your guests to take a quick snap with a polaraid camera and insert it into your guest book. They can show you how much fun they are having at your wedding and sign a personalized message under their picture.

2. Pseudo Polaraid photobooth

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If you have already hired an official photographer, why not set up a polaraid frame for your guests to play around with. With the wedding couple’s names and date signed, it cannot get more personal than this.

3. Alice in Love-land

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Give your guests a very Alice in wonderland feel with giant floral paper crafts and miniature frames to peep out from. Give your wedding the magical quirky twist it deserves.

4. Frame your guests

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Nothing says photo booth like a bunch of photo frames. Get your guests to pose with an old frame and be prepared for the series of amusing photographs you will end up with! This idea works best for an outdoor wedding where you have a plenty of option for a natural backdrop.

5. Go old and bold!

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Bring out the monochrome madness with elegant props made of pearls, feathers, and fedora hats. Your guests will love the blast from the past. Some lovely jazz music playing in the background will really set the time back.


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7 Best Honeymoon Destinations In And Out Of India

Your honeymoon is probably the best and most memorable trip you go on with your significant other. Choose the destination according to your interests and likes. Here are a few locations that are a favorite of many. Outdoor Wedding Venues In Bangalorecraftwed

1. Egypt


Channel your inner Indiana Jones here. It is a great place for history lovers. Explore the rich history of the place together. Egypt boasts of attractions like hieroglyphs, mummies, temples, and the pyramids. A tour of these places will keep you and your partner engaged. Honeymoon activities include sand boarding, visiting the coast of the red sea, the ancient church and the art galleries. Do not give Egyptian delicacies a miss.

2. Maldives


The island has been a hot favourite of many honeymoon goers alike for decades. The whimsical coral reefs and the deep blue sea make it the perfect honeymoon destination. Si on some delicious local cocktails and unwind at the beach resort while you’re there. Water skiing, water boarding and air surfing are some activities you could try there.

3. Ladakh


The mountainous region offers great trekking tracks for couples to explore and kindle their adventurous side. The rocky terrain outposts, white washed gompas are a must see. Couples can have a great time camping by the lakes and see the skies filled with stars in the night. Ladakh’s cuisine draws influence from Indian and Tibetan cuisines. Have fun trying yak milk and eating local cheeses while you’re there.

4. Kashmir


This pristine land offers the best views all year round. The Dal lake is a major tourist attraction. A houseboat ride is the most romantic thing you can have here as a couple. Destinations like Gulmarg, Nubra Valley, Leh, Ladakh and Jammu are perfect for nature lovers and adventure junkies. The Pangong lake is a must visit if you are on your first trip to the place. Do not forget to buy some juicy apples there.

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10 Foods That Are Making Weddings a Lot Of Fun!

1. Pani Puri

©2013 Ross Oscar Knight Photography

Welcome your guests with some chatpatta flavours! Everyone loves pani puri. The excitement involved with having a golgappa race will get the spirits up in no time. For a fun twist, why not include some vodka Pani puri perfect for a reception party? Best Catering Services In Bangalore

2. Mehndi Inspired Cookies


How about treating your bridesmaids to some fun and yummy cookies. Add a mehndi inspired cookie to personalised goodie bags for your lovely ladies. These cookies could also make a perfect snack during your mehendi party. Just make sure you don’t get actually mehndi on your cookies!

3. Gola Sherbet


Instead of traditional welcome drinks that are more often than not watered down to a sad excuse, why not pick a gola sherbet? A gola sherbet cart will be a real welcome for your summer wedding. Bring out the fun side of your wedding party and let your guests pick their own flavours.

4. Tandoori Paneer Cups


Tandoori paneer cups in these eco friendly serving cups are perfect for a buffet dinner. These make buffet a lot easier for your guests without the hassle of balancing their food, outfits, and purse. Besides, what is a wedding meal without paneer?

5. Gajar Halwa Ladoo

gajar ladoo

We know your dilemma. One can never pick between serving gajar ka halwa and laddoos. So how about a desi blend of the two sweets? A Gajar Halwa Ladoo will win the hearts of all your guests instantly. Garnished with grated coconuts, this is the perfect sweet treats!

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6 Amazing Hair Braids For The Bride

A modern Indian wedding calls for all sorts of fun elements included in it right from the decorations, to make up to hair styles. With more and more people opting for a mix of modern and traditional weddings, people want a stand out wedding that is the talk of the town. Let your hair do the talking at your wedding with quirky styles. Braids have come back into the wedding scene and gair stylists are trying different styles to give the simple braid a complete make-over. We’ve listed a few below to get you started. Bangalore Bridal Makeup

1. The Twisted Messy Hair Braid


This is perfect for the outgoing bride who is not afraid to show off her fun side. The style is perfect for mehendis or sangeet functions. This pretty braid is a nice complement to your lehenga.

2. The Boho Chic Side Sweep


Feel like a princess in this gorgeous hair do. This looks great on long, coloured hair. Decorate it with tiny flowers to complete the look.

3. The Half Braid Up Do


This is a perfect look for brides with medium length hair. Accessorize it with a hair pin in colours that match your outfit.

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18 Extremely Cute Wedding Favours- craftwed

Here are some cute and thoughtful wedding favours that are surely for keeps.
1. This elephant bookmark that your guests will love. Caterers In Bangalore For Wedding .

2. Sweets in custom made, cute little boxes.

3. These fun and creative tea tube favours.

4. These cute and colourful wedding favour bags you can fill with goodies.

5. Cute elephant bottle stoppers for an Indian themed wedding.

6. These mini clutches are perfect favours for a mehendi ceremony.

7. These perfect themed shot glasses.

8. These gorgeous embroidered clutches for all your beautiful girlfriends.

9. These themed champagne flutes for your guests.


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12 Mandap #Decorating Ideas For Your Big Day – #Craftwed – Best Flower Decorators In Bangalore

The wedding stage or the mandap would be the first thing your guests would look at as they enter the wedding hall or the wedding venue. And to choose the mandap decorations is not an easy task. It should perfectly match the wedding theme and the colours should blend in with the theme colours. Below are a few mandap decorating ideas that’ll inspire you to start off with it. Marriage Flower Decoration In Bangalore

1. Of drapes and flowers

Make the most use of flowers at your wedding. Use flowers to decorate the mandap along with colourful drapes hanging on all sides. Make sure the decor is in sync with the colours and they go with each other.

2. Pastel hues


Pastels are making a comeback at the wedding scene. Patel pinks, greens and peaches can do wonders and make your wedding look like one right out of a fairytale.

3. Mad Hatter’s garden


Make the most of the season’s flowers to build beautiful mandaps that’d give it a new and distracting look.

4. Outdoor mandap


This outdoor mandap is as perfect as it can be. It gives the right amount of shade exuding elegance and simplicity.

5. Decorative props


Make the most of props like umbrellas, bells and other hanging items to decorate the wedding mandap.

6. For an airy beach wedding


Beach wedding do not actually need over the top decorations. A simple make-shift mandap with in white is perfect for those having a beach wedding.

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13 #Indian #Themed #Cakes That’ll Make You want One For Your #Wedding! – Bangalore Catering Services – #Craftwed

Everyone looks forward to seeing the new couple cut the cake at the wedding. This is a ceremony which has been adapted in many non-Christian religious customs too now-a-days. There are a variety of options and combinations to choose from for your wedding cake. There are boutiques that offer special wedding cake tasting sessions where you can discuss with them about the flavour, the size of the cake and the type of decoration you’d want on it. Take inspiration from the mehendi and other ceremonies and stick to the colour and theme of the wedding. Traditional Indian designs and peacock motifs are a great hit! Make sure you discuss about the logistics too with them. It might be tricky for you to carry it all by yourself and re-arranging it at the venue. Your baker would know how to set it up at the venue and also will finish the cake with the final decorations. Choosing a great cake and design can be tough so, here are some beautiful Indian themed cakes that’ll inspire you!  Outdoor Catering Bangalore

1. This gorgeous lotus inspired wedding cake that is too pretty to eat.


2. This multi-tiered pastel beauty for the couple that loves bollywood.


3. This royal blue tiered cake with gold accents for the newlyweds.


4. This fun desi, elephant themed wedding cake for the jolly couple.


5. This bohemian inspired blue moon wedding cake with edible lace accents for a rustic wedding.


6. This gorgeous white wedding cake with gold details that’ll put a smile on your face.


7. This spectacular wedding cake perfect for a backyard or a spring wedding.